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Implementation of the Middle East Resolution 1995 to establish the Middle East free zone of Nuclear Weapons is vital and lifeline to extension and success of the Non-Proliferation Treaty

Abstract – English The Non-proliferation treaty (NPT) is the cornerstone for disarmament, non-proliferation, and the peaceful uses regime. It has a tangible influential effect on nation’s foreign policy. The indefinite extension of the NPT is suspended on the implementation of…
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Faculty Spotlight

Howard Hall

Howard Hall is a UT-ORNL Governor’s chair and an expert in global nuclear security. He is a leading researcher on issues including detection of nuclear and radioactive weapons, preventing the spread of nuclear material and how best to respond to the use of weapons such as “dirty bombs.” He can speak on issues relating to nuclear proliferation, radioactive weapons, detection of nuclear devices and dirty bombs, as well as the role of nuclear energy in the U.S.

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