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INS on CNN: Is Ukraine about to go nuclear again?


Today, CNN published an op-ed by INS Director Dr. Howard Hall, Natalie Manayeva, and Dean Rice discussing the actions of Russia in Ukraine and their consequences on the future of the NPT and global nuclear security.

(CNN) — As tensions escalate on the eastern border of Ukraine, President Barack Obama has called on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government “to cease all efforts to undermine and destabilize” the sovereign nation after the movement of Russian troops into Ukraine and its annexing of Crimea.

Meanwhile, our European allies continue round-the-clock conversations as the political leadership in Kiev is seemingly helpless to stave off the next potential military land grab.

This is the backdrop to a legislative endeavor in Kiev that, although widely unreported in the West, will fundamentally reshape the world community’s dialogue on the Ukrainian crisis…

Read full article here.


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