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2014 Computational Physics Student Summer Workshop


Computational Physics Student Summer Workshop at Los Alamos National Laboratory

The workshop features:

(1) Generous fellowships for students,

(2) Opportunities for students to work on teams,

(3) Excellent mentoring by Los Alamos staff, and

(4) An integrated lecture series.

More about the Summer Workshop, including how to apply, can be found here.

This year’s technical focus topics feature a significant mixture of physics, computational science, mathematics, and algorithmic challenges that we hope are attractive to students from a variety of backgrounds.  The topics include:

(1) Reducing statistical noise in Monte-Carlo thermal radiation transport

(2) Computational study of warm dense matter

(3) Lagrangian hydro methods using tetrahedral cells

(4) Low-order models for investigating RANS closures

(5) Particle-based methods in Eulerian codes on future architectures including GPUs and MICs

(6) New methods for profiling shocks in multidimensional ALE calculations

(7) Verification test problems for hydro- and rad-hydro codes

(8) Simulation and visualization of particle transport in strongly coupled plasmas

(9) New strain-based ALE methods for plastic flow simulations

(10) Plasma transport in ICF and HEDP applications

(11) Algorithms for boundary coalescence during mesh generation for actual fabricated parts