Goals and Objectives

The institute was established partly in recognition of the fact that the ability to sustain efforts in nuclear security is eroding as the population of skilled per­sonnel in this field declines, yet the national and global need for expertise and new capabilities in this area is growing. It also creates an opportunity to estab­lish deeper and more effective partnerships between academia, government, and industry to address these daunting challenges. Specifically, the institute seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • Marshal and coordinate the collective re­sources of the members to more effectively solve important global security needs;
  • Enable better and broader collaborations, particularly among the members;
  • Develop an intellectual leadership position in shaping the national and internation­al dialogue on nuclear security policy and practice;
  • Communicate the institute’s remarkable synergy in nuclear security capabilities both among the members as well as to potential sponsors; and
  • Enhance the ability of the members to en­gage in activities that attract and educate the next generation of experts in this field.

The objectives of the institute are to:

  • Define and develop new educational/train­ing programs to meet global needs in nucle­ar security;
  • Shape the avenues of diplomacy and public policy for greater effectiveness in achieving global nuclear security objectives;
  • Further the development of interdisciplin­ary scientific research and development for nuclear security applications;
  • Foster excellence in the expertise of the members that support better intelligence and operational capabilities for global nu­clear security; and
  • Solve real-world challenges in nuclear secu­rity.