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Science and Technology

Fundamental science discoveries that create transformative technology applications in nuclear security are critical to the long-term success of nu­clear security. These include new operational sys­tems, new understandings of the threat space, and new methods of discerning or discovering threats. Our consortium views technology development as a critical force multiplier to assure that the global nuclear security architecture is a robust and cost-ef­fective as possible.

In general, the institute does not function as an orga­nizational “overlay” for research proposals that are best performed by single organizations. If the re­search is not collaborative between academic units or partner organizations, the institute largely does not inter­fere with the direct connection between the spon­sor and the performing unit, other than perhaps to maintain some cognizance for other possible oppor­tunities. As a result, the institute tends to focus on large, complex proposals that are beyond the abilities of a singe investigator.